In the digital age we live in, music is still the one thing that can grip and infect us with raw energy and emotional passion that we can’t easily find in our modern, static society. Songs of the Fall, comprised of Stetson Adkisson and Cia Cherryholmes, is a Nashville based Americana duo with a love of music and communicating it to people on a very personal, relatable level.

“Whether touring as just an acoustic duo or with a full band, we love playing and singing our songs for people. We try to write about the things that move us and hope the realness of the songs carries across to the audience. The greatest compliment we can receive is someone telling us a song touched them or made them weep or that it was their story. Life is rough, and we all want that one song we can rock out or cry along to”. -Cia

“People have asked, why the name ‘Songs of the Fall’? The way we see it, the story of mankind is all about falling–From the original fall of man, the tottering steps we take as a child, to growing up and falling in love, into temptations, and in and out of luck. Life is about the fall and how we keep learning and growing, and those are the things worth singing about”. -Stetson


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